About us



Local woods from the sustainable wood industry are used for our wooden watches, genuine leather and other high-quality materials, which we use to create beautiful, trendy design pieces with a lot of creativity and an eye for detail. Due to their unique wood grain, each of our watches is unique. We wanted all those intrinsic values ​​of precious wood - beauty, warmth, elegance - to be reflected in all phases of the production process that we had to carry out as a brand: from planting the tree to the product finally in the hands of the reached the consumer. That's why we had to draw a circle of added values ​​that would make our products something more than elegant pieces of precious wood, something unique and special, different, dedicated, unrepeatable.

From casual watches to classy watches, you will find a large selection of our most beautiful watches here. Wood is one of the most resistant and most beautiful materials to work with, so much so that it is not only used in construction and decoration, but also occupies a growing place in the world of fashion and accessories.

We can say that wood attracts our attention in a special way thanks to its resistance and warmth, which invites us to use it in accessories for rest, such as the change of season that we will experience next month (at least, that is the official forecast for this part of the world, so you better be prepared).

We love wood!