25 reasons to wear a Watch

12 May

25 reasons to wear a Watch

Why do people wear a watch? 
We give you 25 reasons why people are wearing a Watch.

Watches as an investment

It may sound strange but watches could be a great investment for you. A watch, especially an iconic or a rare limited edition timepiece tends to increase in value over time. If you are lucky enough to own such a special watch, you are likely to earn profits in the future. 
An advantage of investing in watches is that it does not necessarily incur too much cost. You usually just spend one-time fee at the beginning to buy it. Then if it is a mechanical watch you should at least service it every 4-5 years. If you have a quartz watch, make sure to change the battery as soon as it starts losing power (if not battery acid can leak and destroy the movement). 
A quality watch, if cared for and treated well will last for a lifetime and even hundreds of years. People can pass their watches to their children or their grandchildren. High-quality watches usually provide you with a long manufactory guarantee in case there are any defects.

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Ebony Wood WatchNowadays the smart phone is taking over as the go-to-accessory for telling time, but why reach into your pocket when you can have it readily available on your wrist? This was only compounded further when a customer of ours purchased their very first watch following an accident with their cell phone – dropping it whilst trying to quickly check the time whilst late for a meeting! A quick look towards your wrist is a much classier way to keep tabs on time during a date or a talk. Not to mention how gross it would seem to your companions if you pulled out your cell phone during a conversation. On other occasions where it’s advisable to leave the cell phone concealed – like the beach, a meeting, a funeral, a (wooden) watch is a much more subtle and convenient way to check time. Why reach into your pocket when you can have it readily available on your wrist? A wrist watch is the most convenient way to tell the time.


Wooden Watch for MenFirst of all, luxury watches are simply stunning. Watches can be pieces of exceptional beauty, just as any accompaniment, one might think. Watches, however, have a special status linked to the functional excuse of measuring the time. Even though wristwatches were initially worn by women, they are now, first and foremost, a male fashion accessory. And ultimately, it is the one item that can make the difference in a very thin scope of action a man wardrobe allows.

Watches and Adulthood

Did you know:
- Watches are one of the most common gifts for men who’ve reached a new level of adulthood (for example: graduation, wedding, etc.).
- Watches cost money (a good watch will cost you at least $100). People don’t spend that on a 9-year old because he’ll just destroy it and they don’t want to spend it on a high school freshman because he won’t appreciate it.
- Wearing a watch shows you’re adult enough to take care of and appreciate a nice accessory.
- And when you wear one, not only do you show people this, but you start to acknowledge it in yourself. You’ll take care of your watch, become proud of it, and start to notice others who wear them (spoiler: they’ll be very predominantly adults).
The bottom line:
Wearing a good wristwatch is almost like a secret club… that you only find out exists after you consistently wear one for a few months. Wearing one won’t turn you into a man, but it will show others (and yourself) that you’re old enough to care for and appreciate one.


Metal and Wooden Sport WatchIf you choose the right watch (a Metal and Wooden Sport Watch perhaps) then you will get complimented on it, we assure you. And who in their right mind doesn’t like someone they know telling them what good taste they have!


Wrist watches do not need to be charged every day - with the exception of the few that use a manual winding movement. Their incredible autonomy can be very useful in certain context (e.g. military in the field) or for certain professions (e.g. explorers).

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Perfection is like the holy grail of watchmaking. Even the best manufacturers won’t ever reach it entirely, but they will always seek it with endless commitment. Not only from a time-measurement standpoint, but also regarding its aesthetics and quality of manufacturing, is the pursuit of perfection one of the key reasons to buy a luxury timepiece instead of a 3-dollars quartz watch.


Whether your job requires you to wear a suit or something less formal you are going to need to tell the time. A watch is more of a subtle way to check the time than pulling out your phone in the middle of a meeting. Go for a more classic and timeless look with your watch.

Impress in Job Interviews

During a job interview, it is important to leave a good impression. Mark Horstman, cofounder of Manager Tools, recommends wearing a watch to interviews. He makes this recommendation because managing time in an interview is important. Checking your watch in that setting is a subtle gesture. If you check the time by pulling out your phone, the interviewer may think you are checking your email. That’s a fast way to create a poor impression.

Watches Provide Simplicity

The best watches don’t use the latest technology. They are powered by ingenious mechanical clockwork technology that predates electricity. So when your cell phone runs out battery – you can trust the technology that keeps running on your wrist. When you wear a watch – it’s less likely you will fall back on your phone as a distraction. Often, checking the phone for time results in a rabbit-trail of activities including checking every messenger app, email and Facebook. When your phone dies your timepiece will be your best friend and keep on ticking. Imagine that – a mechanical machine, worn on the wrist, powered by you, to display the passing of time – a feat of such engineering marvel that we believe should be celebrated. When you need to keep track of something as important as time – a unique device to measure and manage it is justified.


Exclusive women watch

There is no doubt that it is desirable to own something special that distinguishes you from most other people. There is no doubt that exclusiveness is about social status. However, wearing a prestigious brand can’t be reduced to the aspect of “showing off” in front of other people. The average person has never heard of names like Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC or Ulysse Nardin. For most watch aficionados, the motivation of owning something rare and unique primarily arises from the mere awareness of owning something exceptional, rather than paying attention to what others might think.


We’ve all tried to pull our phone out of our pocket whilst driving to check we’re on schedule. But you can have the time right there on your wrist, which would avoid any potential run-ins with the law.

Emotional Value

Watches are attached with emotions, as it accompanies its wearer in good times and bad. Not only are they physically with you, but actually present when indicating the most precious good we have. As gifts received from our closest friends and family members, watches can mark special events in life such as milestone anniversaries, weddings or professional achievements. Quite commonly, they are passed along from one generation to the next. So there is a good chance that even your future great-grandson is going to spend time with your favorite timepiece on his wrist.

Watches Matter in Europe 

In certain countries, wearing a watch shows that you are a serious professional according to this Forbes article. If you go to work for a large European company or organization, you may need to start wearing a high end watch. If you’re unsure about your watch choices, look around to see what watches, if any, managers and top performers are wearing. Based on those observations, you will know the right approach on the right watch to wear.

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Watches and Heirlooms

Not only is a timepiece the quintessential gift – it is the quintessential heirloom. No matter what your philosophy is on the end of life, we can all agree that people can live on through the memories of those that knew them.
Owning timepieces from a different era is a remembrance of people who lived before you. Having their watches makes you think of them, in a real way. They wore these same watches which show signs of use, care and and love.

Conversation opener

Stylish Wooden Watch as conversation openerIce-breaking tips? Ask for time if the person you want to talk to wears a watch. It would be even better if you have some knowledge about watches. The conversation will for sure come naturally. There are a plenty of topics you can discuss about including the story, the craftsmanship or special details of the watch. What about giving a compliment on a woman’s watch when you shake hands? A good start is indeed needed for a pleasant conversation.
Watches may as well create an effortless conversation among watch lovers or collectors. There are numerous of them out there. If you start wearing a watch, collecting watches or learning about watches, you already have a secret tool in socialization.

Watches Are Functional

Any item inspired by the military has a functional use. Wrist watches included. Wrist watches were first used in the 19th century by the military to synchronize maneuvers during war. Since then, specialized watches have been used in the depths of the ocean by divers and high up in the sky by aviators.
One of the big advantages of a watch – especially over a smartphone – is how long it can operate in the field. Many watches are made to either be self powered through motion or use a small amount of energy from a battery. Think years of maintenance free time telling. Compare that to a smart phone’s 8 hours!
A complicated watch is designed with features beyond the basic function of displaying the time and date. Such a functionality is called a complication. Two of the popular complications are the chronograph, which allows the watch to function as a stopwatch and the moonphase complication, which displays the lunar phase.


Women have purses, handbags and jewellery to compliment their outfits. For men, however it is much harder to pull off certain accessories to accompany our own style. A watch is a timeless and functional accessory that can represent a man’s personality. No matter your style or preference, here at the The Wood Watch Club we have a variety of men’s watches for you. If you are having a watch as an accessory then go all out on design and colour.

Punctuality and Conscientiousness 

A watch is a symbol of time and wearing a watch implies that you respect the importance of time. In a study conducted by researcher David Ellis from Lincoln University, UK and Rob Jenkins from York university, UK in 2015, the results indicate that “watch wearers are more conscientious and punctual than those with bare wrist”.
“As a fashion accessory or expression of social status, wearing a watch may provide an additional, albeit implicit cognitive impact on wearers, which makes them more conscientious and better planners.”, Rob further explained. They commented also that watches “could make the difference between making a positive or negative first impression at a job interview or missing an important event like a train”.


Stylish ultra thin wooden watch for womenThe wrist watch is definitely a key fashion accessory. It completes the look of a person and helps defining the personality in a more compelling way. The watch becomes a part of the person identity at such extent that some people feel “naked” if not wearing a wrist watch. For certain people or occasions the watch is used as a mere complement to the overall look – in other situations the wrist watch can actually be the “main piece” and be used as a statement: a style statement or even a status symbol.

Watches Embody Craftsmanship

A wrist watch is more than a time-keeper. It is a symbol of tradition and history encased in a showpiece with extreme craftsmanship. Not many men realize that they are wearing pieces of art on their wrist. Some watch houses have four craftsmen working on one watch for several months – designing complex pieces of technology by hand. It’s detailed art at the higher end of human ingenuity and creativity.
An analog watch has a simple and consistent mechanism. The way of expressing it is where the bulk of the creativity comes in. Watch design is inherently artistic. There is a lot of generic and non-inspiring watch styles out there, but the best stuff is beautiful and how often do you call a tool beautiful? Art on a watch can come in multiple forms. The dial can literally be a painting, or the design of the instrument itself is pure art. For many people – the movement arouses as much fascination as the dial and case.

A Relationship With Time

Since the days of the sundial (and probably before) – men have been obsessed with devices that measure time. A reminder that our time is limited. Wearing a watch has a positive effect on my attitude towards time. Beyond the technical and mechanical intricacies of a watch – men are fascinated by these devices that claim to mark and control time. There is a passionate community of watch lovers who dive into the details of watch-making and collecting.
The only other obsession matched with the passion for this inanimate object is the passion men share for cars. A watch collection is far easier to maintain and less expensive as a hobby. Everyone can rock a watch. Wearing a watch is a great way to add interest to an outfit, especially if you’re a guy. Find a wrist watch that really stands out from the rest. It could be the beginning of a long friendship.

A sign of to be successful

In the big money industries, wearing a quality watch is an important way to show that you're successful. They know the importance of buying and using high quality products. To wear a vintage Rolex watches bought at an auction it's like to have a Mercedes for others. Patek Philippe is another popular watch choice for successful business people. That’s why many successful people will pay $250, $600 or over $1200 for a watch.
Like it or not, a watch is widely seen as a status symbol on Wall Street — your watch choices will say a lot about you. It is worth spending on a quality watch, especially one with a classic style that will never go out of fashion.


Even though they generally come without wheels, watches are quite mobile. Unlike a harem of racehorses or a selection of exclusive whiskey's, you can take it anywhere without any notable effort.

Less distracting

Women's Bamboo Wood WristwatchSometimes you just need to know the time. For those occasions a wrist watch is the best companion, because it also helps you from getting “stuck on your phone” by the social media distractions. Not only is it more elegant to check the time with your watch, but it avoids confusion of your company. Someone checks their phone mid-conversation and then stops and stares at the screen for reading the time (and more). They will also discover that there are X email messages unanswered or Y Facebook updates to do or Z instagram notifications present on the mobile phone. The other thinks: Did I just lose them to Facebook? A text from someone else? Was I boring them with my company? It’s confusing, annoying, and, honestly, rude and this will ultimately lead to a waste of time. The distractions are a bad habit, that a watch dramatically helps improve.

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